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Megan: Wide bottom, pronounced hips, generous thighs.

Megan carries her weight in the lower part of her body, mainly in her butt, hips, and thighs. The wrong style of jeans tends to accentuate her butt even more, and make her look too heavy through the legs.What she needs in the perfect pair:
  • Flared leg to help balance out her weight in the middle.
  • Backside with trouser styling: darts instead of a horizontal seam, and slit pockets instead of patch pockets to help minimize her butt. Or, patch pockets that are larger and close together (little pockets that are far apart tend to make her butt look wider.)
  • Jeans with a roomier fit through the thighs.
  • Extreme fading through the thighs to help minimize her thighs, and darker fading at the bottom to help balance out her hips.

  • Perfect Pair::
    Isda Josephine Denim Jean
    Earnest Sewn Hefner Bootcut Rigid Jean

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