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Dressing For Your Body

We've put together a list of different body types and then specific recommendations for each body type. No matter what the trend du jour, wearing what actually looks good on your body is they key to truly dressing well. We've taken some great tips from the book, The Fine Art of Dressing, by Margaux Tartarotti. We loved her book and highly recommed it.

Pear Shape

Characterized by a slender neck, narrow shoulders, small bust, refined rib cage, shapely waist, generous lower hips, full thighs. You've got a fabulous waistline that is feminine and perfect for all those waist accentuating styles! Goldie Hawn is a good example of a slender pear shape.
  • Straight skirts should be tapered toward the hemline to avoid a square look.

  • Pants should be made of flowing fabrics and drape loosely around the hips.

  • Shoulder pads are your friend.

  • Blouses and jackets should be either long or short, avoiding the hip.

  • Enhance your upper body with semi-fitted or tailored tops.

  • Softly gathered waistlines for skirts and trousers keep lines smooth and comfortable.

  • Handbags should be worn above the hip area to avoid drawing attention to the hip area.

  • Cowl necks and square necklines help broaden the shoulder area.

  • Diamond Shape

    Characterized by narrow shoulders, a small bust, broad hips and generous thighs. You've got gorgeous curvy hips and thighs (think J.Lo), and because you are narrower on top you can wear all those tops that accentuate shoulders and your face!
  • Stay away from pants that are "bottom" heavy because they will weigh you down and visually shorten your legs.

  • Stick with pants that slightly taper toward the hemline.
  • Make sure jackets are loose enough that they don't pull across the hips/bottom area.

  • Tops with extra details like epaulettes, puffed sleeves, pockets or simply a boatneck collar will draw attention up creat the illusion of generous curves.

  • Round Shape

    Characterized by a generous bust, wider rib cage, round or fuller back, generous middle, narrow lower hips, often shapely slender legs. You've got great legs and narrower hips which means you can show off lots of leg and those styles that accentuate hips! Kate Winslet is a good example of a slender round shape.
  • Avoid fitted tops which will accentuate a larger middle.
  • Steer away from bulky or gathered skirts, a more tailored fit will flatter your assets (legs).
  • Avoid wide belts that divide your body, look for a narrow belt that blends with the colors you are wearing.
  • Wear handbags at hip level and lower.
  • V-Necklines or necklines that are elongated will help slenderize your neck.
  • Keep collars and lapels narrow and small so as not to accentuate a full top.
  • Longer tunics will help hide a generous middle and, again, draw attention down to those lovely legs.

  • Inverted Triangle Shape

    Characterized by broad shoulders, a medium to full bust, average waist, narrow hips and shapely long legs. You've got great legs, and hips that allow you to wear those hip "enhancing" styles. You've also been blessed with breasts so you can show off the curves! Jamie Lee Curtis is a good example of a inverted triange shape.
  • High set in sleeves, such as raglan or dolman sleeves, visually narrow wide shoulders.
  • Patch pockets balance wider shoulders.
  • Try flared skirts to balance the wide shoulders or pants flared at the hemline.
  • A low slung belt will help attract attention to the hips, balancing your figure.

  • Straight Shape

    Characterized by an upper and lower torso that are equal in width, an average bust, a large rib cage, undefined waist, flat bottom, and slender legs. Your legs are a great asset so show them off!
  • Avoid belts which will accentuate your thicker waist.
  • Dresses that are looser in the mid-section are a great option. Try a sheath dress or shirtdress type style!
  • Try v-necklines which are slenderizing and elongate the neck. Any neckline that falls below the collarbone will help to elongate your neck.
  • Try longer jackets with a shorter skirt to help visually lengthen the upper torso.
  • Dropped waist skirts elongate the upper torso and will help slenderize.
  • Avoid very gathered or heavily pleated fabric at the waist.
  • Try straight long tailored skirts paired with a longer tunic top or semifitted pants/jeans with a longer top.

  • Hour-Glass Shape

    Characterized by a pronounced bust, small bone structure, a defined waist, curved hips, sometimes protuding buttocks, and shapely legs. You've got curves, so show them off! Halle Berry is a good example of an hour-glass shape.
  • Avoid oversized and baggy styles which will disguise your delicate bone structure.
  • Do draw attention to your waist with waistbands, belts, or wrap tops that tie at the waist.
  • Avoid wearing clothing too fitted, semi-fitted is the most slimming and tasteful for your figure.
  • You have a dream figure (really!), so make sure to never complain and take advantage of your curves and the clothes they allow you to wear!



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