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Hard Tail Q & A Sheet

We have lots of info to impart on our Hard Tail obssessed sisters, so listen up, because you don't know, what you don't know, until you know it.

QUESTION: Is Hard Tail Pre-shrunk?
ANSWER: YES. All Hard Tail is pre-shrunk. If it is too big, or too small when you try it on, then it's the wrong size.

QUESTION: Does Hard Tail make a long inseam length?
ANSWER: NO. However, we have found that with the classic #330 bootcut style yoga pant, the inseam length in any one particular size can vary up to 2". The yoga pants are made in batches. One batch may have a 31" inseam, the next might have 32". We love Hard Tail, but consistency with the inseam is not their strong suit. If you need a long (or short) inseam, make a note when you order and we'll look thru the stacks until we find you something close!

QUESTION: If I cut the hem on my yoga pants will it run or fray?
ANSWER: NO. Use sharp scissors, cut carefully, but don't worry, the one thing that won't happen is fraying or running on the cotton/lycra blend yoga pants.

QUESTION: Do the yoga pants stretch out?
ANSWER: Eventually they do, but it takes a few years. If you are wondering if you've lost weight because your yoga pants bag out a bit, and you've had them for 5 years...you haven't lost weight, you need new yoga pants! Eventually the lycra gives.

QUESTION: What is the most popular style?
ANSWER: Style #330, the classic bootcut, foldover waist yoga pant.

QUESTION: What's the difference between the cotton/lycra and the supplex fabric?
ANSWER: The cotton lycra feels like cotton, but with tons of stretch. The supplex feels like a tech fabric, more like your traditional running pant, or workout gear. Supplex isn't as slinky and thin as straight lycra though, it has more weight to it, and is not shiny! It holds you in well, and has some girdle-like qualities to it.

QUESTION: Can you explain the different colors, my computer screen is wanky?
ANSWER: Everyone's monitor imparts a different spin on the colors. So here's the low down:
  • Black: You know it.
  • Bat Black: Looks like dark cement--a dark grey color.
  • Dark Charcoal: Like black, but heathered. Imagine the darkest charcoal you can, almost black, but definitely not black yet.
  • Charcoal: A traditional charcoal heather, not nearly as dark as the dark charcoal, substantially lighter, but still very flattering on.
  • Heather Grey: Much lighter than charcoal, this looks like a light heather grey.
  • Midnight: Navy blue, but not super dark, it has some light to it.
  • Mud: A warm, chocolate brown with lots of warm undertones.
  • Grizzly: A cool toned, really dark brown.
  • Wicked: Purple, but not super dark, and not an obnoxious Barney purple. It has a dusky purple feel to it.

    QUESTION: What is the difference between the SF-04 stretch fleece style, and the classic #330 bootcut?
    ANSWER: They look very similar. From a distance you couldn't tell the black apart. But the stretch fleece is a heavier fabric than the cotton/lycra blend. It isn't as heavy as a pair of fleece sweat pants, but it has another added layer to it that makes it feel more substantial than the #330 style, and people really love it for cooler months in particular. It runs smaller than the #330 style though so if you are between sizes, go up.

    QUESTION: Does the black yoga pant fade?
    ANSWER: Yes, the black will definitely fade. You can mitigate it by washing them solo, in cold water. If you hate fading, stick to the dark charcoal.

    QUESTION: Why are the yoga pants with the contrasting waistband more expensive?
    ANSWER: You'll notice that the varying waists are different prices and that is based on labor and expense to produce. The various washes range from simple, to really pretty elaborate wash processes. The ombre lizard is more difficult than the standard tie-dye, hence more expensive. You get the picture.

    Hard Tail Designer Bio

    Started by Dick and Patty Cantrell in 1992, Hard Tail is a term used in the physical fitness industry to describe a fit "backside." The company is the brain child of this husband and wife team, with 17 years previous retail experience, who wanted to design casual clothing that crossed from the fitness to the lounge world, to the casual life! The Hard Tail emblem is symbolic of owner Dick Cantrell's previous career as a pilot in the airforce flying fighter planes! We love Hard Tail for its great yoga pants (the best in the world), and the wonderfully fun tees, jackets, and sweatpants that keep us looking great during our down time!

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