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House Account Q & A
(terms and conditions)

1. Why is a Melange House Account so great?
When you want or need it, you have the flexibility of an extra 30 days to pay off your purchase. Clothing is an investment, especially nice clothing. This is how we are making it easier for you to have the good stuff. House Account to the rescue.

2. How does it work?
Pretty simple. You pick out what you love. You make your purchase online with the help of your handy dandy House Account code, which then deducts 50% off from your purchase, to be paid in 30 days. You are charged 50% of the purchase price on the day your item ships to you. You are charged the remaining 50% of your purchase price exactly 30 days from the date of purchase.

3. Does my second installment payment happen automatically?
YES. Exactly 30 days from the date of purchase, we will automatically charge your card the remaining balance for your purchase. Following this charge we will send you a short email confirming that the charge was completed and that this particular House Account purchase order is completed. We will charge the same card used for the initial purchase unless you specify otherwise (you can always call us, or shoot us an email to let us know you would like a different card # used for the second installment.) Unless we hear otherwise, we will charge the same card.

4. How do I get a handy dandy coupon code if I choose to set up a House Account?
Read the terms and conditions on this page, then simply email fill in the form below. You will automatically. be sent the HA code, and we will set up an account for you.

5. What if I need to return the item(s) I purchased on a House Account?
The same return guidelines apply. Return the item within 14 days, and the charge on your card (50% of the purchase price) will be refunded to your card. Any return after 14 days may be eligible for a store credit if returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. The same rules apply--the item must have the original tags, and be unworn.

6. What if the item I bought on my House Account goes on sale prior to my second installment payment?
If something goes on sale within 48 hours of your House Account purchase (unless promotion specifically states otherwise), we are happy to adjust your price and your second installment would reflect the sale price adjustment. HOWEVER, if any of your purchases goes on sale following the adjustment period, we will not adjust your purchase price. The exception to sale price adjustments is the Daily Chick Pick. If an item that you've purchased becomes a Chick Pick after you've made your purchase we can NOT adjust the item (since the Chick Pick is designed to be a daily perk only.) Sorry, we have to be strict with these parameters for House Accounts or chaos will reign.

7. Can I use other coupons at the same time as I use my House Account code?
No, but there is a workaround. Our system allows for one, and only one code to be used at a time. If you utilize your House Account coupon, and there is a promotion you want to apply, simply note it in the comments box and we'll manually apply it BEFORE we actually charge you.

8. Ready to get your House Account code?
Fill in this form and we'll send you your HA code! Happy shopping!

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Savage//Roots Clarence Necklace - Garnet
Savage//Roots Clarence Necklace - Garnet

Daily Chick Pick: $78.40

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