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Why We Buy Elizabeth Gillett

Elizabeth Gillett is an artist who has manifested her love of art, and for textiles, clothing, and design. She's an NYC gal, and we were first nudged to look at her amazing accessories from Anni Kuan, who knows everyone cool and worthy in NYC. So we looked, we loved, we ordered, and we are hooked. She's got an amazing eye for color (probably her art/painting background), and we love her passion for the scarf and all that it is and can be. We love her daughter's name too...Gemma--super cool right?

There's nothing that the right scarf can't do. It brightens your face, brings new life to an old outfit, keeps the chill off, and it always kicks an outfit up a notch. You can't own one of her scarves and not fall in love with beauty of the colors and the feel of the fabric.

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Kier+J Cashmere Scarf - Lake Blue
Kier+J Cashmere Scarf - Lake Blue

Daily Chick Pick: $102.40

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